The School Outreach programme is designed to help students enhance their natural business skills while gaining knowledge of the challenges and rewards of starting a business. Students will embark on a journey discovering themselves, their decisions, and their goals as they become entrepreneurs and how this can play an important role in their lives.

School Outreach Project

In a country like South Africa, where more than 25, 4% of our population, and over 50% of youth in informal settlements being unemployed, other alternates need to be identified other than placing beneficiaries into employment, hence It has been noticed that South Africans have natural entrepreneurial skills that are undeveloped, or not used.

GetOn aims to enhance the skills of small businesses through our entrepreneurial training, that incorporates personal and business developing with the individual focussing on a holistic approach to ensure we gain the success we envisage and to partake in radically transforming the economy through effective development and increased participation of SMME’s and Cooperatives.

The drive to develop entrepreneurs to reduce the unemployment rate and empower South Africans to produce and offer high quality products and services is of great need. We have a school system that puts all their emphasis on science, and maths, promising the youth of today they will all become doctors and scientists, but sadly this is a false promise, as a number of students finish school in the rural settlements with a matric pass but if tested at a grade 10 level maths and science they fail, and even if they qualify to get into university, they often can’t afford it.

GetOn Skills Development Centre adopted local high schools in Atteridgeville screening and accepting 15 students a year in Grade 11, and work with these students for two years until they complete matric. The programme started in 2016 with the first group showing success at the end of their matric year, with 7 of the 10 students starting small businesses.

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Maths and English Literacy

The current higher grade pass mark is 40% and often the students who just pass exceed this figure, we aim to have all 15 students a year reach a 60% average for Maths and English. We will use the quarterly school reports to determine progress on these results. GetOn facilitates Maths and English lessons with the students to assist students in gaining the desired results.

Matric Pass Rate

With the dismal pass rate 72.5% and even lower in rural schools, we aim to change this and have 100% of the students in this project pass matric.


Entrepreneurship: With the vision being, of the 15 students, at least 70% successfully open up a business when completing matric, with those that start small businesses being tracked for 12 months thereafter.

Course Material
1. Understanding entrepreneurship.
2. Identification and evaluation of a business idea.
3. Legal requirements of running a small business.
4. Money management for small businesses.
5. Drafting a business plan for sustainability.
6. Finding and keeping customers.
7. Supporting a business using information technology.
8. Financial application.
1. Who am I?
2. Life Stories.
3. Goals and Dreams.
4. Relationships.
5. Conflict Resolution.
6. Communication.
7. Human Rights
8. Understanding Social Issues.
9. HIV/AIDS in South Africa.
10. Active Citizenship.
11. Job Readiness.
12. Basic Conditions of Employment.
13. Labour Relations.
14. Work Ethic.
15. Caring for the Earth.
16. Personal Finance.
Additional to the course material GetOn offers mentorship through the students matric exams, extra maths and English lessons and develops activities to make training exciting and getting student practically involved in market days, entrepreneurial games, role playing, store designs etc.

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