Skills Development Training

The latest requirements for BBB-EE Skills Development points will require companies in almost all industries to spend 6% of payroll on Skills Development. GetOn Skills Development Centre can assist as the new code allow companies to invest not only in their own staff but any previously disadvantage/unemployed person as well. With GetOn Skills Development Centre offering a number of accredited skills development programmes to previously disadvantage people, your company can contribute to this training through your skills development spend.

Skills Development is a priority element on the BBB-EE score card, and if 40% of the threshold is not met, this can result in dropping one level.

GetOn Skills Development Centre uplifted the skills of 1085 unemployed people in the 2015/2016 financial year. 276 students completed job-specific courses; of whom 64% have become economically active/employed as a direct result of our programmes. Research proved that 95% of the students that completed a course at GetOn between March 2014 and February 2015 were economically active for a full year after finishing their course at GetOn.

To date 100% of our beneficiaries have been black South Africans, and approximately two thirds of them women.

Your return on investment will not only be a Tax Certificate and BEE points, but GetOn Skills Development will assist your company tailoring the perfect staff for your company when the need arises. 


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