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With a vision to continuously develop our courses, GetOn will now offer an 8 week course that focuses on basic computer concepts, Microsoft Office and Office administration. The new course will be aligned to W&R SETA unit standards. As of August 2019, GetOn will be running the new course, in place of the current Office Admin and Basic Computer course. An office administrator is responsible for the smooth running of all business activities. An organisation, be it large or small, requires an effective administrator to ensure the organisation continues to function in an effective manner. Duties of an office administrator include, but are not limited to, monitoring of incoming calls (diverting, where necessary to various departments), processing of emails, organising of meetings, client interaction, managing a filing system and ordering of office supplies. Our course provides students with the capabilities for entry-level administration jobs focussing on equipping our students with the necessary skills to ensure business activities are run effectively and efficiently. Both theory and practical knowledge is taught in this course allowing students to acquaint themselves with the office environment and technology.




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