Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been identified as productive drivers of inclusive economic growth and development in South Africa and around the world. Some researchers have estimated that, in South Africa, small and medium-sized enterprises make up 91% of formalised businesses, provide employment to about 60% of the labour force and total economic output accounts for roughly 34% of GDP.

GetOn Business Incubation Hub


Working together to eradicate poverty through business development is key to enhancing the economic situation that South Africa find it’s self in today. GetOn Skills Development vision is to link corporate, government and NPO to ensure we use resources wisely and have a focus on outcome and impact that can be monitored and tracked with the beneficiaries at the heart of the programme.

GetOn Skills Development Centre, based at ArcelorMittal Pretoria, has launched the GetOn Business Incubation Hub, on the third floor of the GetOn building, which houses 12 small businesses with a BBBEE level two or higher with the aim that these businesses will form a network of procurement suppliers to surrounding corporates and government.


Challenges faced by small businesses:

1. Financial recording, management & planning.

2. Labour changes.

3. Legal requirements.

4. A reliable sound wall to bounce ideas with.

5. Raising profile of the business in a professional environment.

6. Marketing & finding new business.

7. Motivation & continous support.

How can GetOn Business Incubation Hub assist?

1. Provide accredited entrepreneurial training

2. Assist with business registration & legal compliance.

3. Provide a professional & safe working environment.

4. Reception & boardroom facility with copier/fax functions.

5. Fully equipped office with internet/PC & equipment.

6. Continuous support & guidance .

7. Monthly network sessions

8. Linkage to our network & opportunities.


An entrepreneur is required to make a commitment fee of R1500 per month, for the office space which has an average market price of +R6500 per 13sqm office, additional to this are the listed benefits above. The reason for the commitment fee is to ensure the entrepreneurs build a culture of a hand up not a hand out, and to take the programme seriously.

Criteria to apply for office space:

  1. Actively running a business with clients.
  2. Turnover less than 10 million (EME).
  3. Minimum 51% South African black ownership.
  4. Passionate and motivated to succeed.

By donating or investing in the GetOn Business Incubation Hub, companies will gain enterprise development (ED) and supplier development (SD) points, while contributing to the development of small business in South Africa.

If you want to get involved in this initiative by donating, volunteer by sharing your expertise or if you are interested in the office space fill in the below